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2024 Midwest Beaver Summit

Presented by the Illinois Beaver Alliance and the Superior Bio-Conservancy

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Session 1.

Beaver Wetlands, Flooding, and Drought

Dr. Emily Fairfax, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Department of Geography, Environment, and Society

Session 3.

Beaver Dam Impacts on Water Quality, Biodiversity, and Trout Populations in Wisconsin Streams

Cortney Dean, PSM Conservation Biology Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin - Stout

Session 5.

Landscape-Scale Watershed Planning with Beavers for Biodiversity and Climate Resilience

Kurt Menke, GIS Consultant, Septima, and Bob Boucher, President, Superior Bio-Conservancy

Session 2.

Who Speaks for Beaver? History and Folklore

Brian “Fox” Ellis, Storyteller and Director of Outreach, Illinois Audubon Society

Session 4.

Revised Environmental Assessment of Wisconsin’s Beaver Management Plan

Bill Nelson, Attorney, Environmental and Energy Strategies Practice Group, Godfrey and Kahn

Session 6.

Navigating Conflicts Between People and Beavers and People Again

Alexa Whipple, Beaver Project Director, Methow Beaver Project

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