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Keeping beavers on our watersheds and expanding beaver habitat would improve Illinois water quality, create habitat for other species, and increase our floodwater storage capacity.

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Please join us for the first-ever, virtual Midwest Beaver Summit on back-to-back Wednesdays, September 13 and 20, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. central time.

CLICK HERE For more information or to register!
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The Illinois Beaver Alliance is proud to present this informative brochure, "Partnering with Beavers in Illinois: A New Paradigm."

Part 1 of the brochure explores of the latest technology that allows people to resolve human-beaver conflicts nonlethally.
​Part 2 examines how beaver restoration would address the problem of nutrient loss from agricultural runoff, increase our floodwater storage capacity, and increase habitat and biodiversity for wildlife.
Check out our Powerpoint presentation, "Beavers: Ecosystem Engineers." Find out more about:
  • Ecosystem services provided by beavers
  • Flow device designs
  • Process-based river restoration
  • Beaver adaptability
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